The Elements of the Swing Fundamental Edition introduced the basic tenets of the new mechanics of golf. For the first time in the history of the sport, a golf professional published the kinetics of how a golfer moves and loads the club. The golf world was able to see the pushing, pulling, and twisting actions of many different types of players.  The importance of the Hub Path, Linear, Angular, Rotational Resistance, Work, Energy, and the Relative Swing Plane were all introduced.

I am well aware that the information I am sharing is at least 10 years ahead of its time and there is a need to expand on it both for other instructors and the everyday player. I will now embark on a two-fold project, a Master Edition series of videos and swing catalogs that golf swing enthusiasts can study along with some publications for the everyday golfer. The everyday golfer will have the opportunity to read about how I apply all of this great information in a book later this year called ‘Instant Swing Fixes.’

This spring the first in the series of Master Edition videos was released and it introduced some of the other parameters that I use in my analysis. At Caves Valley during the Middle Atlantic PGA spring teaching seminar, I presented on the new parameters for the first time along with a peek into the Full Body Alpha Man analysis. I am looking forward to sharing a lot more this year.

Also at the same seminar, Erika Larkin gave a great presentation on her new book “A True Swing” which is a must read for all X Golf Schooler’s around the globe.