Helsinki Finland December 2017

After arriving in Helsinki on December 12th, 2017 with very little sleep on the plane, I started immediately teaching at an indoor golf center. We had a series of students ranging from amateurs to Fininish PGA Members and I really enjoyed the indoor teaching experience especially when the coaches and players joined in to discuss the content of the lessons.

Everyone around the globe has seen what the Dr. Nesbit РJacobs 3D analysis is capable of but it is the practical application that most people are interested in. I have found over the years that the simplicity of the practical side of the information is a pleasant surprise to many coaches and players who have found some of the terminology and graphics to appear complicated. Words like Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Force, Work, Power etc are starting to become good friends in the world of golf swing analytics.

The next days in Finland included an 8 hour seminar where I broke down the golf swing into both the fundamental elements as well as some of the master elements. We took a good long hard look at Alpha Beta Gamma Forces, Torques, and Alpha Man. I was pleasantly surprised by the thirst of knowledge from the Finnish PGA Members.

Of course we found sometime to taste the local food and take in some of the sights, my good friend Enrico Villo from Estonia and Heini Haapala from Finland were gracious hosts. There was a lot of talk about the local reindeer and some of them made it to the menu, poor Rudolph!

After Finland it was off to Estonia….