The transition from 2017 to 2018 saw a world wide circuit of Jacobs 3D Classes. From Finland to Maryland we hosted 8 classes and presented to over 100 golf professionals worldwide. In January we offered a 6 person Chicago class hosted by teaching professional Rick Silva. Rick’s Movement 3 golf studio is beyond impressive, the level of instruction from Rick and club fitting knowledge from the staff is top notch. The amount of detail that goes into their club building is light-years above the common core of fitting. Rick has been teaching with the tenants of the Jacobs 3D system for many years now. I am proud to see how he has mastered the key concepts that go into our kinetic analysis.

The class was fantastic as we had a combination of classroom time and hands on instruction. Day 1 we delved deeply into the kinematics and kinetics of the movement of the club. We broke down the 6 dynamic equations of the golf club’s movement into an easy to digest presentation. Day 2 is dedicated to the Alpha Man analysis which begins with the fundamentals of human movement in the golf swing and ends in a golf lesson setting.

We are really happy with year #1 of the Jacobs 3D class and are looking forward to next fall and another round of classes. Special thanks to Rick Silva for hosting and the 6 pros who attended the class.

The food in Chicago is fantastic and as a life long Cubs fan, it is my favorite city to visit. Rick and I came to an agreement on a book deal that we will co author next year. The future is bright.

Go Cubs Go!