Jacobs 3D Ambassadors

As the information from Jacobs 3D spreads, so does the need for Ambassadors around the world that are qualified to teach and share the principles of the “Science of the Golf Swing.” Ambassadors have gone through a rigorous training program and have proven that they can apply the principles established by Dr. Nesbit and Michael Jacobs.

How do you become an Ambassador?

Once you have a working familiarity with the material in “Science of the Golf Swing,” you can sign up and attend a Science of the Golf Swing Workshop. During the Workshop your knowledge will expand by leaps and bounds—and if you show a mastery level of understanding, you can qualify as an Ambassador after the Workshop. If more training is required, you’ll be invited back for a Jacobs 3D Retreat with other Ambassadors.

Ambassador Benefits:

  • The opportunity to send 3D motion capture files to be run through the Jacobs 3D program

  • Access to all new publications well ahead of the general public

  • Attend any Jacobs 3D seminar or symposium and have the ability to present on any subject

  • Yearly golf science retreats

  • Training on Alpha Man a year in advance of any information release or publication

  • Group webinars

  • Access to our engineers to ask questions and request research

  • The ability to share ideas with the golf science elite