Koepka's Kinetics & Kinematics

In a world where every tour player is out there hitting it better than most of us can even imagine, Brooks Koepka's ball-striking stands out for both its quality and consistency. He just hits the ball differently and with more precision than almost any other player on tour. 


That's a fun question to answer, because it comes from a mixture of natural athleticism, superior mechanics and extremely efficient and MULTIPLICATIVE use of all his body links. 

Take a look at the slow motion swing video above. There are some obvious things most people would key on first. Even in slow motion, it looks like Koepka's hips aren't moving very fast. He's not "firing" them like you hear so many analysts talk about. It actually looks like they're slowing down as he moves through the hitting area. But here's what is really happening. Early on in the downswing, Koepka is doing mechanical work in his hip joints. This torque creates a booming rotational power. The power from this work has been transferred out to his other body segments by the time you're watching here. But are the hips done with their job, then? 

Absolutely not. 

They're providing structure for his more superior body segments. His lower body structure lets him repeatedly smash the ball with a huge amount of transferred kinetic energy and amazing control of the bottom of his swing. His club is approaching the impact the same way and at the same point almost every time—which, as you can imagine, gives him a tremendously predictable ball flight. When you have that level of structure and consistency your golf swing will hold up in pressure situations.

Let’s dive into some of the kinetics and kinematics of Koepka’s swing. Click on the video below and I'll give you a more in-depth look at the science behind what we're seeing here.