Ambassadors Training Camp

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See and experience the golf swing in a completely new way—and exponentially multiply the tools at your disposal—in the only intensive kinetics training camp offered by Golf Digest 50 Best Teacher Michael Jacobs.


The Jacobs3D Ambassador Program is the only way to truly get inside the cutting-edge research that is changing how golf is taught. Those who qualify for the program will have unlimited access to the Jacobs3D swing library and the ability to submit GEARs motion capture data from their students for Jacobs3D analysis. A compendium of research and practical applications from Jacobs3D ambassadors will be published every year, establishing ambassadors as thought leaders in golf teaching. Ambassadors will also be able to purchase any official Jacobs3D publications, videos and symposium passes for cost. Ambassadors will be listed on the Jacobs3D website.

Camp Schedule

Monday, October 28, 2019

9 a.m to 4 p.m.

Kinetic and Kinematic Classroom

-Dr. Nesbit’s Research Papers Tutorials

-3D Kinematics and Kinetics of a Golf Club

-Understanding the role of the Hub Path

-Resistances and Their Functions

-The Elements of the Swing

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Applying the Science

-Guided swing captures

-Case study analysis

-Exploring the limitations of 2D (video/print)

-Swing presentations

Ambassador Certification

To successfully complete ambassador training camp, participants will be required to critique a swing in front of the class on the afternoon of Day Two, support their critique with data and knowledge from the camp and defend their analysis under questioning from the instructor and fellow class members.

About Jacobs 3D Golf

Michael Jacobs operates one of the most technologically advanced teaching programs in the world at his Long Island headquarters in Manorville, New York. His studio the only non-academic location with an integrated GEARs 3D motion capture system and Jacobs3D—the research software he designed with Dr. Steven Nesbit that illustrates exactly how the body and club move during a swing and reveals the forces and torques behind those movements. Michael has mentored players on every major professional tour, and has given more than 25,000 individual lessons. In addition to writing the ground-breaking books The Science of the Golf Swing and The Elements of the Swing, he has been recognized as one of Golf Digest's 50 Best Teachers, one of Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers and the 2012 Metropolitan Section PGA Teacher of the Year.