Full Body Bio-mechanics


When you study the movements of a great athlete, the complexity of that analysis depends on what you are trying to learn and explore. I asked Dr. Nesbit to put his 30 plus years experience as a Mechanical Engineer to work in order to create the most complete Bio-mechanical evaluation program ever designed. My goal was to study the golf swing, gait and other areas of human performance.

One of the most popular analytics in golf and other sports is the subject of Ground Reaction Forces. The popularity stems from the constant pull of gravity along the ease at which force platforms can be found. The platforms provide the 3rd law reaction to what the athlete did in his or her interaction with the ground surface. These studies and tests are usually limited to a small area with the athlete standing on a perfectly proportioned platform.

We have terminated this constraint with the Jacobs 3D Full Body Analysis. With all of the internal forces and torques generated by the athlete solved in Jacobs 3D, we know exactly what the athlete inputs to the ground surface they are performing the movement on and therefore the resultant 3rd law reaction.

This will allow us to analyze golf swings from all different types of lies and terrain. Soccer kicks, football throws, gait, running, and much more.

My favorite part is being able to report on how the interaction with the ground directly effects the actions throughout the entire human body and what it can contribute to the movement of the club. More to come, fun years ahead.

Michael JacobsJacobs 3D Golf`