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Michael Jacobs and Dr. Steven Nesbit discuss the principles of the Golf Swing

The first follow up essay to the Science of the Golf Swing textbook.

Alpha Man Joint Centers

Jacobs 3D Golf welcomes the new book - Science of the Golf Swing

Michael Jacobs breaksdown what is inside the Science of the Golf Swing

Alpha Man parameter of a 25 handicap caster. .

The next phase of Science of the Swing
Force and Torque Golf Show - Manzella Live
Follow up to a discussion in Post Modern Golf Group
Driving Your Hands into Impact
Michael Jacobs Golf Show Season 10 Episode 2
Improve Your Takeaway with Understanding Force and Torque

Golf Swing Forces and Torques Downswing

Angular Slow Down

You already have enough speed

How to Sum the Moments of the golf swing

Use the hand path to identify your swing signature.

Episode #2 of the Science of the Golf Swing The Space and User Frame

Angular bleed

The Alternate Hub

Neutral - Strong - and Weak Grips Discussed

Force Applied at the Grip Point - 2 Case Studies

3D Swings for Comparison on the Post Modern Facebook Group

The Release 2

Late Alpha

The Alpha Clock

Balance in a golf swing and an introduction to the ALPHA BETA GAMMA Ball

The Yips

Baseball swing vs Golf swing

Components of the force applied to the grip

Linear Force Applied to the Grip Point

Force Applied


Validating a Golf Digest Cover

How the downswing really works

Lay Down

The Release

Hub Illustrator - Force and Torque
Michael Jacobs Golf Channel Instructor Search Audition Video

Segment #3 of the Release II Show

Baseball Pitch

"Bringing the Elements book to life"

Swing changes over the past few days with an aspiring tour player
Casual Discussion on our Relative Swing Plane

Driver vs Iron Swing Planes


Outward Movement of the Club

Center of Curvature

The Table Top