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Michael Jacobs Golf Instruction

Golf Digest 50 Best Teacher and Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor Michael Jacobs, runs the most technologically-advanced lesson program in the world. Based at Rock Hill Golf & Country Club in Manorville, on New York’s Long Island, Michael helps players of all levels understand the inner workings of the golf swing and translate that knowledge to the course.


Michael has presented at some of the sport’s biggest stages, like the PGA Teaching & Coaching Summit of America, PGA Teaching & Coaching Summit of England,  PGA Teaching & Coaching Summit of Finland, The Top 100 Golf Teachers in America Summit, Carolina PGA Coaching and Teaching Summit, Mid-Atlantic PGA Section, the Illinois PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit, and his home Metropolitan Section. He has also conducted his own annual golf swing symposiums both in Orlando and on Long Island for the past 6 years.


50 Best Teachers

in America 2017 and 2018 by Golf Digest. Michael Jacobs was voted by his peers as #32.

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Top 100 Teachers

in America by Golf Magazine. Michael Jacobs is on his second tour as a Top 100 Golf Magazine Teacher.

It is clear to me why Mike is one of the best golf teachers in America. Let him teach you through his unique approach that combines golf science, extensive experience, and practical examples.
— Dr. Steven Nesbit, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Lafayette College
Nobody works harder to understand both the science and art of teaching than Michael Jacobs. If you haven’t heard what he has to say about the swing, your golf education isn’t complete.
— Matthew Rudy, Golf Digest Senior Instruction Writer
I have long thought that reading a book is much like cheating. An author like Michael Jacobs spends nine years working hard, researching and writing, and then the reader is permitted to devour all his work in a very short time. Practically unfair, yet much appreciated.
— Gregg McHatton, Golf Digest Top Teacher

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